Video demonstrations of
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These videos are provided here to give you an idea of how these molds and tools are assembled and used. Click on the Title link to open these files with Widows Media Player. These videos are best viewed over a high speed internet connection. Contact SoapHutch for Low resolution files for dial up users. Links to Low Res files will be added soon.

New Mold Designs

CraftLine Combination Slab/Log Mold

CraftLine Combination Slab / Multi-Log Mold

CraftLine Combination Slab/Log Mold video on YouTube

CraftLine Combination Slab/Log/Divider Mold

The Lorien

CraftLine Combination Divider/Slab/Log Mold
or Lorien video on YouTube

PressLock Combination Slab/Log Mold

The Christi

PressLock Combination Slab/Log Mold
or Christi video on YouTube

PressLock Combination Slab/Log Mold/Divider

The Bella

PressLock Combination Slab/Log Mold/Divider
or Bella video on YouTube

HDPE Molds

HDPE Slide-Lock & Press-Lock Overview 32 MB File

PressLock Divider Molds 11.2 MB Windows Media File
PressLock Dual Log Mold 14 MB Windows Media File

Plexiglas Molds

Plexiglas Molds Overview
or Plexiglas Mold Overview - Windows Media File

Cutters & Tools

Log Splitter/Bar Cutter
or Log Splitter/Bar Cutter- Windows Media File

Multi-Slot Bar Cutter
or Multi-Slot Bar Cutter - Windows Media File

Plexiglas &
HDPE Soap Molds

Flat Log Mold

Upright Log Mold

HDPE Press-Lock Mold

HDPE Divider Mold

Custom Mold


Soapmaking Tools

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Soap Cutters

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