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Wrapping your bars of soap serves several purposes:

  • It protects your bars from bacteria
  • It allows your bars to remain clean and fresh
  • It prevents nicks, dents and damage to your bars
  • It retains the smell of your bar of soap
  • It makes your bar gift-basket or tray ready

There are different shrink films with different properties, the 2 most prevalent varieties for wrapping soap are Polyolefin and PVC. Either style will wrap soap neatly, but secondary considerations should determine which you opt for.

PVC is a shiny, glossy, crisp film, well suited to packaging single bars, multi-packs, and is the ONLY film for gift baskets and trays. OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but it's what people seem to expect vis a vis look and feel. PVC inhibits the exchange of air, letting less of the scent come through. It isnít as soft as the polyolefin but works very well. There are "crisper" and "softer" varieties of PVC, with your choice simply a matter of preference.

Polyolefin (feels like a Baggie!) is an acid-free, food grade film that allows air to pass through...making it most suitable for situations where there are no sample bars, and it's important that the scent permeates the film. Also, it's better suited for melt and pour soaps. Glycerin is a humectant. An unwrapped bar attracts moisture in a humid environment and promotes the appearance of actual beads of water on the surface, which in turn may promote microbial growth. In a dry environment, humectants lose moisture, possibly dulling the finish and drying out your product. For items like Goat's Milk Soap, where rancidity is an issue, we have a pin-perforated 60ga Polyolefin...with micro-perforations that allow air flow, facilitating shrinking of the wrap, as well as protecting your product. Most melt and pours, like Olive, Aloe, Honey, Oatmeal , and other non low-sweat varieties, should be allowed to dry to the touch before they are wrapped. Curing your bars until dry to the touch eliminates many of the issues with glycerine and other "sticky" melt & pours. It's been suggested that 100 ga polyolefin, (a film strong enough to wrap bowling balls together!), works well resisting the blistering wet spots occasioned on M&P bars. We areconstantly investigating these issues and will report our findings as they become available.

If you only wrap bars and loaves, 60 gauge polyolefin is strong enough to stand up to the handling but thin enough to seal and shrink easily. For wrapping trays and various containers, 60 gauge polyolefin is a bit on the thin side, so we recommend 75 gauge polyolefin...which will stand up to the sharp corners and edges trays and boxes present. It's also better to use if you'll be bundling your bars....making single package, multi-bar samplers and promotions.

Although Polyolefin is capable of wrapping your trays and baskets...PVC has a far superior "look and feel" when doing so. Consider this if you plan on assembling trays and baskets.

The customer who "smells" your unwrapped soap and touches their nose to your soap can inadvertently leave a myriad of bacteria behind, that can take on a life of its own, encouraging signs of rancidity (brown spotting, mold growth, or foul odor). For this reason we recommend that you wrap all your soap and leave "tester bars" (unwrapped bars of soap) out for your customers to smell rather than leave all your soap available for ready-access handling.

Wrapping melt-and-pour soaps is more diffcult than cold process. Since the make-up of each bar is subject to the whims of the "cook", there is no de facto rule for wrapping them. Some people let their bars cure for longer periods...which is a big plus. When wrapping bars with moist spots...the film tends to stick to the wettest areas...and results in an irregualrity on the film surface. Your bar is still sealed...but wrinkles may mark the wettest spots. Simply the nature of the beast. We are ALWAYS willing to include samples of film for your personal experimentation, to see which works best with your own recipes. We needn't ship you the full roll that comes with the system until you've had an opportunity to try the different varieties available to you.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your application. With the purchase of any system, free samples of any and all films are available.

We back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, please ask SoapHutch for full details.

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