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It is our intent to give everyone involved in art and science of handcrafted soapmaking an opportunity to have a presence on the web. SoapHutch offers a variety of packages that allow you to take advantage of the global exposure of the internet:

  1. Introduce yourself with a 1 page ad that would include your supplied logo, a brief description of your business and your contact info accessed from our Soapers Portal page.
  2. Introduce yourself with a 1 page ad that could be reached by typing "" and would include your supplied logo, a description of your business and your contact info.
  3. A web site consisting of 3 pages, 10 featured products with images & text, that can be reached by typing "".

All packages mentioned above are less than $100.00 per year. Contact us for complete details.

We also offer Custom Site Design and Hosting packages that include design services, E-Commerce setup and full Hosting packages.

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This is a logo in currently in development for the artist Kim Ringler

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Touchscreen Computer Kiosk

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