Getting more out of your Escali Digital Scale

Your Escali digital scale comes with convenient user features. Make sure you use those features to get the most out of your scale.

The tare feature will allow you to obtain the exact weight on an item in a container, by subtracting the weight of the container. This feature simply removes the weight of any item placed on the platform.

Cumulative Tare
Cumulative tare will let you add consecutive ingredients to the container and weigh each ingredient individually. Just press the tare feature after adding your individual items.

The handy hold feature is liking an extra hand. This convenient feature displays the weight of an item after removal from scale. Place for instance your oversized item on the scale, press the hold button, remove the item and the weight will stay on the display.

Measuring Units
All of our scales display the weight in metric (grams) or imperial (ounces) units. Depending on the scale you may also find the following units of measure:

- Pounds + Ounces
- Kilograms
- Fluid Ounces
- Milliliters
- Troy Ounces
- Pennyweight
- Carats

The resolution of the scale is measured in increments or fractions

Some of our scales offer you the ability to re-calibrate your scale. This is a very helpful feature when you work with scales that require high accuracy such as laboratory scales.

Escali Battery Saver
Escali has shortened the auto-shut off time of your scale to save battery power.

Instruction for Escali Digital Scales

An Instruction manual is included with each scale when it is shipped. These Instructions are also provided here in the event that it becomes misplaced. This Instruction document is provided in Adobe PDF format and requires Adobe Reader.

Alimento (148 KB file)

Aqua (171 KB file)

Aqua Liquid Density Table (118 KB file)

Belecco (162 KB file)

Cibo (429 KB file)

Pana (1137 KB file)

Pana Chart (62 KB file)

Penduline (553 KB file)

Pennon Multifunctional Scale (632 KB file)

Plena Kitchen Scale (119 KB file)

Primo (155 KB file)

Pronto (404 KB file)

Vitra (158 KB file)

Liberta Pocket Scale (110 KB file)

L-Series (142 KB file)

Granda Shipping Scale (130 KB file)

Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Which Scale is Right for You?


M-series Multifunctional Scale


Liberta Hi-Res Pocket Scale

Granda Shipping Scale





Pennon Multifunctional Scale



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