Aqua Liquid Measuring Scale
11 Lb / 5 Kg
Available in Black, Silver Gray, Red, Natural Wood, Copper
$69.95 - Shipping $10.00
AC Adapter $5.00

A multifunctional scale with unique features. Displays not only ounces but also fluid ounces or milliliters. The Aqua scale can be adjusted or grams, to accurately measure liquids with different densities.

Aqua is available in 5 colors.

  • Built in kitchen timer
  • Capacity: 11 Lb or 5000 Gram
  • Measures in Ounces, Pounds+Ounces or Grams and Fluid Ounces or Milliliters
  • Accurately measures in 0.1 Ounce or 1 Gram increments
  • Displays Ounces in fractions (up to 1/16 ounce) or decimals (0.1 oz)
  • Removable Stainless Steel or Natural Wood platform

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Add AC Adapter - $5.00

Escali Aqua Model V115
11 Lb. Digital Scale - $69.95
plus $10.00 Shipping = $79.95

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