SoapHutch Plexiglas Upright Log Mold

Upright Log Mpld with Dual End Pusher
Upright Log Mold shown with optional Dual End Pusher

This mold is great for special effects like two tone colors or marbling. Pour two colors into one chamber at the same time or alternate to get a new look from an old formula.

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Each Upright Log Mold is made to order. This mold is 18.35 inches high and makes two soap logs 2.5" x 3.5" x 18". Each log can be cut into the thickness you desire. Cutting each log into 18 bars 1 inch thick will produce a large 4.8 ounce bath size bar. You can slice the same log inch thick for 24 bars about 4 ounces each. Each chamber holds about a 5.5 pounds soap batch. You can partially fill a chamber for those smaller batches. Great for trying out a new formula or technique.

This mold is made from 3/8" Plexiglas. It is very strong and is designed to last. All joints are acid welded for strength. This mold design has been thoroughly tested. The mold has a removable bottom. Four bolts and wing nuts keep the bottom from leaking. No more tapes or plastic wraps. The bottom of your soap log comes out with a perfect finish just like the sides, smooth as glass. Just remove the bottom and push out your perfect soap logs ready to slice per your preference. Very little trimming of finished bars is necessary. Clean sharp corners and smooth as glass sides.

The optional Pusher is designed to fit the shape of the mold for easy unmolding. Just remove the bottom of the mold and push out your perfect logs from the bottom. The wide lip on the mold bottom is great for holding the mold securely against a table edge while unmolding your creation. The optional Upright Log Mold Unloading Tray is also available to make it easier to unload the soap. This tray can be order from the Accessories page.

Mold Design Details!

The Dual Chamber Upright Log Mold will hold up to 11 pounds of soap. About 5.5 pounds on each side of its two chamber design. When completely filled, the mold will make two logs 2.5" x 3.5" x 18" long. You slice these logs into the thickness you want your bars. You can use a 10 to 11 pound batch of soap and split it into two flavors and pour one on each side of the mold. Or you can make small batches and just fill as full as you like making anywhere from one bar to two logs. This mold is the hardest one to unmold. If you ever used PVC or downspout for molds, you can relate to how it is to unmold this one. Although Plexiglas gives the soap a smooth as glass finish and the sides of your logs and bars are very slick, the soap still has quite a grip on the Plexiglas. You may have to refrigerate or freeze the soap in the mold in order to get it to release. It can take quite a bit of pushing to remove your logs or they may simply slide right out. You never know. :-)

Use of air under pressure to unmold soap from any mold can result in explosion.


The Dual Chamber Upright Log Mold sells for $285.00.

The optional Dual End Pusher sells for $25.00.
Buy the Pusher together with the Upright Log Mold for $300.00 and save $10.00.

Includes Instruction sheet! Shipping via FedEx Home Delivery or FedEx Ground is usually less than $30.00. Custom sizes are available. Availability on the standard size Upright Mold is two weeks. Custom sizes can take three to four weeks to ship.

Order Plexiglas Upright Log Mold and Pusher

Upright Log Mold
$285.00 plus $30.00 estimated Shipping = $315.00
(Actual shipping charge will probably be less)

Dual End Pusher for Upright Log Mold
$25.00 plus $15.00 Shipping = $40.00
Save $10.00
Upright Log Mold and Dual End Pusher
$300.00 plus $30.00 estimated Shipping = $330.00
(Actual shipping charge will probably be less)
Save $10.00

Individual Dual End Pushers and optional Unloading Tray can be orders on the Accessories page.

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