SoapHutch HDPE Divider Soap Molds™

Ingenious Lock-Bar design holds the Dividers solid!
Acurate bar sizes. Every time!
Custom Sizes Available Now!

So what makes a SoapHutch HDPE Divider Mold so special?

Divider Molds AVAILABLE NOW, utilizing our
NEW Press-Lock Mold™ and Divider Lock-Bar design!

The NEW HDPE Divider Molds from SoapHutch

The SoapHutch HDPE Divider Mold can be completely disassembled for easy cleanup and storage.

SoapHutch Divider Molds™ can be fabricated with ANY bar size and number of compartments.

Once the Dividers are fully assembled, they can be removed from the tray mold and reinserted as one piece.

No more trying to hold all of the divider pieces together while fighting to get the dividers back in the full mold.

The unique Lock-Bar design used in the Dividers enhances the rigidity and dimensional stability of every compartment.

The individual divider pieces cannot fall out.

Unmolding is a breeze with no bolts to undo.

Request a quote for a custom size HDPE Press-Lock Divider Mold today!

Which Mold is Right for You?

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HDPE Divider Mold

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