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Welcome the latest addition
to the SoapHutch Mold Family

New SoapHutch Craftline Molds

SoapHutch is excited to reveal the new


series of HDPE Soap Molds.

This innovative design provides the same precise soap chamber deminsions as the Press-Lock design, it just uses a unique parts joining method which requires less material than the Press-Lock, so CraftLine Molds are less expensive. Additional information will be added soon. Can't wait? Call if you would like to discuss a CraftLine design to match your exact needs.

With all of the recent forum coverage of SoapHutch HDPE Press-Lock Molds, I wanted to show off the options available with Plexiglas Molds.

SoapHutch Plexiglas Molds - Click photo to view the video
Click the photo to watch the Plexiglas Mold Overview video

A review of the HDPE Slide-Lock & Press-Lock Molds can be seen HERE. Check out the other videos including one on the new SoapHutch Log Splitter / Bar Cutter HERE

SoapHutch HDPE Molds - Click photo to view the video
Click the photo to watch the HDPE Mold Overview video

With multiple designs to choose from, we have a mold that is just right for your soapmaking needs. Whether your favorite batch is one pound or thirty, we have the soap mold to make perfect bars every time.

With all our Plexiglas and HDPE soap molds, the fine craftsmanship and engineering will impress you when you take your mold out of the box. Our fabrication department is one of the finest.

All SoapHutch soap molds are handcrafted one at a time using only the highest-grade materials available. This means, with proper care, your soap mold will last for many years of continuous use.

OCT 31 2007

SoapHutch recognized by the's 2007 Readers Choice Supplier of the Year Awards

2007 Readers Choice Award Winner SoapHutch is honored to have been included in the company of these other fine soapmaking supply companies. We thank the readers of Saponifier Magazine who voted for SoapHutch as one of their favorite Soap Mold sources.

MAR 14 2007

HDPE Molds come with dams too!

River City Soaps use SoapHutch Soap Molds

When is an 18" Log Mold NOT an 18" Log Mold?

Click on the image to see this mold in action.

When you have a SoapHutch HDPE Log Mold with a moveable dam. See the wonderful instructional page my friends at River City Soaps have put together to explain the assembly and unmolding of the soap using a SoapHutch custom made HDPE Flat Log Mold. When folks ask what is benefit of using a no-line acrylic or HDPE mold, you just have to look at the picture of the unmolded soap log on River City Soap's SoapHutch Mold page to see the beautiful results you get from these molds.

MAR 01 2007

SoapHutch Designs and Hosts Websites

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest web design and hosting project at:

DEC 7 2006

Digital Scales from SoapHutch

Digital Scales for Soapmaking

For the science of Soap Making you need precision. Look no further. You can find the perfect digital scale to meet your soap making needs right here.

Check out the New Lower Prices!

NOV 27 2006

SoapHutch Web Services

Pleased visit one of our web design projects at

NOV 17 2006

Is this cool or what?!

Photo courtesy of Ginger's Garden

It never ceases to amaze me what soapmakers are doing with these molds

NOV 06 2006

Our newest family member

Proud as a new Papa of this latest addition

Single Chamber Plexiglas Flat Log Mold

Ready to hold your precious 6 pounds

I'll be adding this newest mold to the shopping cart soon. If you can't wait, drop me an email and I'll have the FedEx stork deliver one to your door.

OCT 25 2006

A Perfect Match

Melt & Pour and SoapHutch Plexiglas Soap Molds

Customer's comments:

"In a kind of torture test in which I poured a different soap into each chamber, the mold worked flawlessly! I didn't lose a drop! No crossover into the other chambers either! I would unequivocally recommend this mold to the M&P people out there! This is the best mold I have used and I plan to have it for a long time! Maybe ultimately, I'll be using several of these! I've tried varying the temperature, but this mold takes anything I can throw at it!"
Stuart S, Morristown, TN

SoapHutch announces new Slide-Lock Soap Mold™

OCT 21 2006

Our NEW HDPE Press-Lock Molds are NOW AVAILABLE!

Soapers that have tested the new design have ordered seconds, thirds and forths. Makes a mold designer proud.

Take a look at these new molds here or email your request for a custom size

New SoapHutch website launched

JUL 22 2006

Well, we've finally made the time to do a total makeover of the website for

We have tried to make your visit here a pleasant one and hope you will come back often.

Please make yourself at home. If you don't see what you need, just ask for it and we will do everything we can to help you.

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion for how we can better serve you.

So look around and enjoy!

Custom Molds made to your specifications

Custom Upright Mold for Inserts Custom 2 Chamber Flat Log Mold

We can fabricate a mold exactly like you want it! Visit our Product/Custom Mold page to see a few examples. Call us and we will work together to design the perfect mold for you.

Soaper's Little Helper

Flat Log Mold with Unloader Tray and Pusher

We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to use our molds. Here is an idea we came up with to assist our soaper friends in unloading the soap from our Flat Log Mold.

To learn more, go to our Product/Accessories page.

Why do Soapers like SoapHutch Plexiglas Soap Molds?

These are exciting times. Our customers are placing second and third orders for soap molds, which means they are making more soap. For those of you who have not tried a Plexiglas mold yet, consider this:

  • Plexiglas Soap Molds do not require lining the sides of the mold using flimsy freezer paper or plastic trash bag liners. Depending on how often you use your mold, this can save you many hours of frustration trying to get the liner just right.
  • No liner means the sides of your soap log will be as smooth as glass. No need to take the time and waste the soap trimming the wrinkles off your logs.
  • Cleanup is a breeze. Some customers just place the mold in a partially filled bath tub for a short time, flip it once and that is all that is needed. Actually, the soap is easier to unload after the mold has been used a few times, so minor cleaning is all that is needed
  • The same care and craftmanship that you put into making your soap is put into fabricating these molds. These molds are built to last for years with proper care, so the true cost is only pennies per pour.

Gettin' better - Everyday!

As part of our Continuous Product Improvement Policy, SoapHutch products are always advancing in design and functions.

Therefore there may be differences between what is shown on our website or at retail displays and what is sold at the time of purchase. We reserve the right to make positive changes to our products at our discretion.

Get on the Web Now!

Do your customers know immediately when you have a brand new beauty product to offer? Can your customers order your products from you when they need and want it, 24 hours a day / 365 days a year? Waiting for that brother-in-law to create that perfect website for you, though he nevers seems to have the time?

We can help you with your web needs now. Our Service offerings include Web Hosting, Webpage Design, Shopping Cart setup and Domain Name Registration.

Learn more on our Services page.

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What our customers are saying...

Hi Rich,

I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with my new mold. I have never had a mold with so little effort on my part to use. It un-molds so slick I am in awe. My husband tells me I should plan on ordering another soon. And I am already planning on it..

Rich, you are a true asset to the Soap making community, I don't know how I ever got along without this mold. It comes apart like a breeze, and the clean up is so fast and easy. What a time saver this has been. And being able to whittle down the prep and clean up time on assembly of the mold is very important.

Ease in lining a mold, or in this case the lack there one of the top reasons a Soaper will purchase a mold. With the mold you made for me I actually gained a bar per batch! I was aware there was a certain amount of waste with having to trim my soap with the old molds and having to use butcher paper as a liner,

Please don't dispose of the dimensions you have from this mold, it is perfect and I will be ordering another soon!

The quality of workmanship on these molds is top notch. You care about what you are doing, and it shows through in the finished product.

I would love to have my site link added to your happy camper list on your site if possible too. And if you like, I will put a reciprocating link back to your site.

I have been, and will continue to shout it from the mountain tops, so that other Soapers may have access to this wonderful piece of equipment that you have made available to Soap makers like me.

Thank you again Rich.
Pam forstner @

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