Combination Log Splitter / Bar Cutter

This is the first in a series of Soapmaking Tools being developed here at SoapHutch.

SoapHutch Combination Log Splitter & Bar Cutter

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This is the second version of my Soap Cutter / Log Splitter design. My first attempt was rather over-engineered and difficult to fabricate.

This design provides a means to accurately cut logs into bars using either a straight blade cutter or a wavy cutter using an adjustable stop block to set the thickness of each cut from 0" to approximately 2.5" for either blade. The guide slots ensure that the cut will be perpendicular to the side of the log and each bar will be of a consistent thickness.

SoapHutch Bar Cutter

Shown here is the Straight Cutter only version. With the Stop Block rotated so the the wide end is against the sides as shown, you get the default bar thickness quickly and easily. Thicker bars can be created by sliding the Stop Black further away from the cutting blade and tightening the wing nut. You can specify the default thickness for one of the cutters when you order. The standard default thickness is 1" for the Straight Blade.

The Stop Block can be rotated so the narrow end fits between the sides to set the cutting thickness from paper thin to the maximum thickness. A second hole in the base allows the stop block bolt to be moved closer to the end providing wider thickness settings.

The distance between the two sides is approximately 5 5/8" and the height of the sides is 2 7/8". The base is 24" long and fully supports logs up to 18" long to the right of the blade guides. This provides a means to accurately cut logs that are 5 1/2" wide by 2 7/8" tall.

The cutter shown above with just the Straight Blade option is $85.00.

SoapHutch Log Splitter/Bar Cutter with Straight, Wavy & Horizontal Wire options

Shown here is the Cutter with both the Straight and Wavy Cutter Blades as well as the optional Horizontal Wire Log Splitter installed. The Wavy Cutter option is an additional $15.00 and includes the blade.

The Adjustable Horizontal Wire option is available for an additional $25.00 and makes this a very versatile Soapmaking tool.

SoapHutch Log Splitter option

The Horizontal Wire Supports are adjustable up and down and can be reversed to adjust the wire height from 0" to approximately 4" from the base.

Order SoapHutch Combination
Log Splitter and Bar Cutter

Log Splitter / Bar Cutter with Straight Blade, Wavy Cutter Blade and Log Splitter option - $125.00
Bar Cutter with Straight Blade and Wavy Cutter Blade - $100.00
Bar Cutter with Straight Blade only - $85.00
plus $10.00 Shipping (estimated)

( 6.25% Texas Sales Tax added to Texas residents without Tax ID on record)

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