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It isn't as important what I say about SoapHutch products and services as it is what my customers say. As I receive feedback, I will post it here

I wanted to give you some feedback on your latest mold.
I have been soaping with the HDPE log mold I purchased at the convention. I have made three batches and I'm loving it. I also used the dams in a small batch of soap, they were great. The soaps were very easy to remove. I am hooked. By the way, the duck tool is awesome, the ends move right out. Soap removal is a breeze. Looking forward to future inventions, specifically a soap slicer.

Thanks again,
Marcia C.

I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with my new mold. I have never had a mold with so little effort on my part to use. It un-molds so slick I am in awe. My husband tells me I should plan on ordering another soon. And I am already planning on it..

Rich, you are a true asset to the Soap making community, I don't know how I ever got along without this mold. It comes apart like a breeze, and the clean up is so fast and easy. What a time saver this has been. And being able to whittle down the prep and clean up time on assembly of the mold is very important.

Ease in lining a mold, or in this case the lack there one of the top reasons a Soaper will purchase a mold. With the mold you made for me I actually gained a bar per batch! I was aware there was a certain amount of waste with having to trim my soap with the old molds and having to use butcher paper as a liner,

Please don't dispose of the dimensions you have from this mold, it is perfect and I will be ordering another soon!

The quality of workmanship on these molds is top notch. You care about what you are doing, and it shows through in the finished product.

I would love to have my site link added to your happy camper list on your site if possible too. And if you like, I will put a reciprocating link back to your site.

I have been, and will continue to shout it from the mountain tops, so that other Soapers may have access to this wonderful piece of equipment that you have made available to Soap makers like me.

Thank you again Rich.
Pam @

I love my new molds! They are so quick and easy to put together with your clever dovetail design and you got the dimensions I requested perfect! I am ready for another one. I would like to order another mold with the dimension: 7 W x 5 H x 12 L.

Cynthia K., Botanical Attitudes

I purchased a used acrylic mold with similar design to the acrylic mold I purchased from you a few months ago. While it does get the job done the difference in quality is amazing. Your work definitely outshines the other. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be able to use it if I didn't already have your flat log support tray and flat log pusher. These items, added to the acrlylic tray mold are a winning combination. Thanks for a job well done.

Anne S., Anne's Naturally!

I just love my plexiglas molds. Ever since I got my first one many years ago, I've purchased four more. They make really nice size batches; not too big for me to handle. These molds make soapmaking a breeze.

You can spend more time being creative in your soapmaking and forget about spending time folding freezer paper to put inside your wooden molds. My molds make very nice size soap logs and they're easy to get out.

Rich does quality work too. There are no sharp edges or corners. He takes the time to bevel all the edges. And what surprised me also which I didn't even think about, if he makes you more than one, he color codes them so you know which top goes to which bottom and the holes match up perfectly, no turning, flipping or trying to align the holes. He took away all the guess work.

I know if you purchase one, you will definitely be hooked.

Debbie Tubb
The Herbal Goat

The soap size and shape is absolutely wonderful! I definitely want to order more ... I already have 2 of the 3 log plexiglas molds and one of the plexiglas block molds AND three of the upright molds that make 2 logs.

Sandra, Maryland

All of our custom plexiglas tray molds (well most of them anyway) were handcrafted by Rich and we've been very pleased with them.
I would never dream of using a wooden mold again.

Maggie, Texas

It looks like you take great care in the product that you produce. It is simply beautiful. Just what I need.

Gwendolyn, New York

I recently received my mold, and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. It saves so much time since there is no need for a liner, and the soap has such smooth sides. Thanks so much!!

Terra, New York

The Plexiglas molds arrived in perfect condition. I am VERY impressed. You put out a very good quality product. I can give you my word; when I need molds, I will come to you.

Rhonda, Texas

WOW! Am I impressed! My new mold looks wonderful. I'm very, very pleased. I'll be ordering another next month. Thank you so much.

Debbie, Texas

I wanted to let you know how thrilled I've been with my soap mold. I purchased a 3 chamber Flat Log Mold from you two years ago. I can pour 3 different 5 lb. batches in one day. Super easy to line, 1 sheet of freezer paper between the Plexiglas and that's it. The soap comes out clean, even and ready to cut. Soap mold rinses easily and I usually can get about 12 batches out a week.

My original soap mold was a single log wooden mold that held a 5 lb. batch of soap. I would use about 3 feet of freezer paper to line my mold and it took me about 10 minutes to tape the liner in evenly. It took me all day to make 3 batches of soap with lining each mold and insulating the wooden mold.

Tony and I love the Plexiglas mold, no insulation needed and very little if any ash. I have recommended your Plexiglas molds to all my soap making friends.

Kim and Tony, Minnesota

We soapers are so lucky to have these quality molds available to us again. If you're serious about swirling, these are the molds to have. Or even if you're timid about swirling these molds will let you see your work while you are doing it.

The edges (of the logs produced in my mold) are clean and sharp and the new Unloading Support Tray and Pusher are very well developed. My mold was a custom design with just two chambers instead of three. It even fits in my freezer if I don't want my soaps to gel.

Susan Weiss - Cambridge, Massachusetts

The mold is better than the mold I purchased second hand - originally was from To Die For. I waited until I made soap to email this. I am very very pleased with this mold.

Mary Jane, Minnesota

The double sided plunger is a must have. It also gives great support. Great job! Keep up the good work!

Sheila, Alabama

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