About SoapHutch


Our Innovation Idea



SoapHutch began just over 10 years ago when a soap maker and supplier to the industry asked, "Can you make me a mold like this?"

What Judy Jones of To Die For showed me was a Plexiglas Mold.

Judy explained that the advantage of a plastic mold was that it did not need to be lined, at least not in the traditional way that wooden molds were lined with freezer paper.

Judy was often asked where molds like hers could be found. She was very happy with the acrylic molds I had made for her and suggested that I offer them to other soap makers.

SoapHutch.com was created, and the mold designs have evolved and improved over the years to what they are today based on soap maker&rsquos ideas and suggestions. The original Plexiglas Mold designs have been retired and replaced with newer HDPE designs.

The CraftLine Mold design utilizes High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to create a mold used for Cold Process, Oven Process, or Melt & Pour applications. There are even a few folks using them for food-based products. The smooth HDPE material used for these molds is food safe, the same material used for cutting boards and other food preparation surfaces in commercial kitchens and homes.

The CraftLine design is totally scalable and offers many different styles of mold such as Flat Log Molds, Slab Molds, Divider Molds, and the multiple function Über Mold. This unique design eliminates the need for bolts and wing nuts to hold the mold together and that are often misplaced when they are needed, most when you want to make soap.

The primary focus of SoapHutch has always been to produce products that meet and exceed the soap maker's expectations. If there is a tool that can help you be more efficient, more creative, and more profitable, let us know, and we will make it for you.

Build it and they will come.